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Modine Gas-Fired Unit Heaters

  • Over 80% thermal efficiency
  • Housing 20 ga. aluminized steel
  • TENC shaded pole motor w/auto reset thermal protection
  • Limit switch prevents excessive outlet air temperature
  • Automatic gas valve: 24 VAC with 100% safety shut off
  • Air shutters have individually adjustable, friction locked, manually rotated adjustment
  • Stamped aluminized steel burners with stainless steel port protectors
  • Transformer is 24 VAC
  • Please specify LP or Natural when ordering.

Qty Item Price
Modine Heater HD30- 30,000 BTU LP or Nat. $985.00
Modine Heater HD45 - 45,000 BTU LP or Nat. $1,025.00
Modine Heaater HD60 - 60,000 BTU LP or Nat $1,175.00
Modine Heater HD75 - 75,000 BTU LP or Nat. $1,200.00
Modine Heater HD 100 - 100,000 BTU LP or Nat. $1,400.00
Modine Heater PDP150 - 150,000 BTU LP or Nat. $1,660.00
Modine Heater PDP200 - 200,000 BTU LP or Nat. $1,900.00
Modine Heater PDP250 - 250,000 BTU LP or Nat. $2,325.00
Modine Heater PDP300 - 300,000 BTU LP or Nat. $2,625.00
Modine Heater PDP350 -350,000 BTU LP or Nat. $2,850.00
Modine Heater PDP400 - 400,000 BTU LP or Nat. $3,050.00

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